Holding the Non-Existent Hua Tou…


‘When you sit in meditation, you should not push up the hua-tou, for this will cause its dimness. You should not hold it in your chest, for it causes pain in the chest. Neither should you press it down, for it will expand the belly and will cause your fall into the realm of the five aggregates (skandhas) resulting in all kinds of defect. With serenity and self-possession, only the word ‘who’ should be looked into with the same care with which a hen sits on her egg and a cat pounces on a mouse. When the hua-tou is efficiently held, the life-root will automatically be cut off.’

Master Xu Yun: Empty Cloud (114th year – 1953-54)


Merci à Shi DaDao pour son travail et sa foi profonde dans le véritable Chan



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